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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Managed Print Services - Practice What You Preach

1/2011 -

It's all about the "M".

From the very beginning I was uncomfortable with the "P" in Managed Print Services" - it is restrictive and a bit misleading.

But, in the beginning, the word "print" seemed a bit more familiar and approachable. Your prospect knows what you mean when you say "print".

The definition simply rolled off your tongue whenever asked, "What does MPS mean?"

"I manage all you print devices..." - You.

"oh, okay, I understand..." - Prospect.

But much about Managed Print Services can you honestly identify with?

How familiar are you, personally, with the real-world benefits of MPS?

Sure, you can perform an assessment. And you put together quotes and proposals. Maybe you can even speak to a C-level, as a peer.

But do you know how it feels when a cartridge doesn't show up?

Do you experience the pain of attempting to de-code an invoice?


Have you witnessed the positive results of replacing personal, desktop printers with a second monitor?

Specifically, does your place of employment have your MPS Engagement in place?

Are you monitoring your, internal fleet?

What, you don't eat your own dog food?

The cobbler's kids have no shoes?

If so, scamper up to the owners ivory tower and call Bullshit.

While at IKON, we sold all the best, top-drawer EDM solutions - all of them.

Yup - you guessed it. The order entry pack was a collection of spreadsheets. At times, we actually faxed out meter read sheets.

We printed 45 page proposals - 42 pages of marketing fluff, 1 cover, 1 letter and a price list.(gasp!)

Now, I won't mention any names but there is an IT VAR, out on the Best Coast who has a small MPS practice.

In 2009, this 145 employee VAR spent $19,000.00 on toner and supplies for MFPs.

Before implementing their MPS, those who could guess, estimated a internal fleet size of 19 printer/MFPs. In the end, it was discovered that 43 devices populated the organization.

Most of these, locally connected.

At the close of 2010, invoice analysis revealed a yearly supply spend of $4,500.00.

Do the math.

Practice what you preach.

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  1. Manage Print? I thought it is about increasing customer experience with a coffee machine...


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