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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

HP Buys Printelligent - Whadda Think 'bout THAT?

DOTC 5/2011

From an article on CRN -

"Founded in 1988, Printelligent was an early mover in the managed print space, launching its first MPS solution in 1993. Once the deal closes, Printelligent’s work force and technology assets will become part of the LaserJet and Enterprise Solutions unit within HP's Imaging and Printing Group."

This makes it sound like the integration will be at the enterprise level...but then...

"This acquisition puts us even further ahead by strengthening our ability to deliver services and solutions through our channel partners to SMB customers,” said Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president of HP's Imaging and Printing Group, in a statement.

Joshi makes it look like this is a channel move.

Time will tell, it always does.

I will say this; the OPS channel is chuck full of MPS training and content.

I know the guys at Printelligent (congrats!) - they are smart. They understand Stage 3/4.

If this is a move to replace the channel, look out.

If this is a move to improve the channel, look out.

Very, very interesting.

OverLords assemble - the Big Three descending.

Childhood's End.

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  1. Son of a......! I was just drafting an article based on my favorite book of all time. Childhood's End! Wtf?! Am I reading too much of you or are you stealing my ideas!
    Crazy stuff going on. Latest I've heard is Ricoh is buying Tim Hortons

  2. Repent!!!!!!!

    No friggin way!

    I read that, prolly before you were born, you bastard. And it came to me on a fippin whim, right at the

    First - one can never read too much of DOTC.

    Second - lord help you, if I am in your mind...

    Third - Ricoh IS buying White Castle!...


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