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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MPS InsightPro - I'm a Pro, You Should be Too...

There was a time when the only MPS information one could find, was is supplied by direct marketing firms with content referring to advertising print jobs.

Then, slowly, the trainers got involved, starting to pitch MPS as nothing more than CPC in different garb.  Releasing loosely disguised marketing pieces as white papers.

InfoTrends wasn't there.

Gartner, didn't care.

CompTIA was years away from getting in.

There was no PagePack, Twitter or FaceBook

Back then, if you 'googled' Managed Print Services, nothing came back.

But one day, a few returns started to populate the Google alert you set up for "Managed Print Services"(ok, I know I was the first one ever to do this, back in the day)

And somehow, a complete Managed Print Services article appeared.  The brainchild of some firm whose name you didn't know how to pronounce.

You 'googled' φωτίζω and saw the light.

MPS InsightsPro -

Photizo publishes the best MPS journal on the planet.  Period.  The content is varied, correct and global.

The real deal.  The online presence is visually engaging and top notch.

A sample of content:

Stage 4 for SMB
April 28th, 2011

Rob Sethre, Senior Consultant, Photizo Group, asks “Is there a business to be found and money to be made in Stage 4 MPS engagements that are targeted at the SMB market?” Up front, the answer is yes. But let’s take a closer look at the “what” and the “how” of MPS engagement for SMBs.

A Global Look at Managed Print in the SMB
April 28th, 2011

The MPS Decision Maker Tracking Study examines MPS decision makers in North America, Western Europe and Asia Pacific. Measuring the demographics, purchase metrics and brand metrics of MPS engagements, it is a unique study exploring decision-making criteria around the globe. Of the respondents, 30 percent belong to organizations made up of 1,000 or less employees. Our interactive presentation allows you to zoom, move and glide around a world map to see the latest graphs and statistics for SMBs across the globe.

Channel Tools: Are OEMs providing tools or creating tools in the channel?
April 28th, 2011

Misty Hamel, Director of Media & Publishing, Photizo Group, explains that almost every major OEM in the market (with the exception of Epson) and many independent partners have released “all-encompassing” managed print programs for the channel in at least one geographical region. But does the underlining strategy use the channel as a ‘tool’ to move hardware and supplies?Brother, HP and Xerox gave MPS Insights an inside look into their channel programs, addressing many of the concerns about shortfalls, intentions and where these programs are headed in the future.

The Managed Print Services Practice Inside a Traditional VAR
March 3rd, 2011

Can traditional VARs make the move to managed print services easier than the traditional copier dealers? Popular blogger and MPS purist, Greg Walters discusses the transformation process from inside a traditional VAR, highlighting best practices that applies to any company making this transformation, no matter the background.

I am not a paid sponsor but I play one on TV.

I do not receive a cut.  Misty does not send me checks.  Ed still rolls his eyes when I come up with outlandish musings.(" wanna kill MPS?????")

But I am telling you, if you want real, valid, usable knowledge - the kind of MPS/BPO/MOS information you could use in front of a client or dinner party, spend the little bit of money and get in.

I am an MPS InsightsPro reader and you should be too.

Click to email me.

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