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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Managed print Services - As The World Turns: First HP/Printelligent today Xerox/Newfield


Whose Next?


A few of my acquaintances, wait they are more than people I simply know, two close, MPS Pioneers, have now become part of the Machine. In a good way.

Congrats to Robert and his team at NewfieldIt and congrats to Greg, Rob, Lawton and the entire crew at Printelligent.

Well done, well deserved - good luck.

Okay - Now What? This is almost as exciting as when Ricoh bought Ikon.

Questions, questions...

Nature moves in 3's, is there a third shoe to drop?

Stream of thought:

What about the firms that don't get picked up in this rash of consolidation?

Oh, and this sorta makes my post a few days past, the house...

Photizo must have known, they have a seminar scheduled for tomorrow...

I believe there are 12 dimensions, not the current 11, in StringTherory...although yes, there are at least 5 views...

Ricoh announced an entire line of A4's yesterday...

If you're a Ricoh indy, join the MPSA, we're part of CHAmps...and take advantage of the Photizo offering...

I wonder how the acquisition of NewField will affect their participation in CHAmps...

Shit, the BigBoys are really serious about this little thing called MpS.  It's time to change the game, again..
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  1. I agree this is a game changer for the big boys. Embracing and acquiring a hybrid MPS provider like Printelligent means HP is serious about MPS. Good validation for a business model that works. Lets hope HP doesn't mess this up!!


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