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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You Think its Just About Printed Documents, Toner Hitting Paper? Wrong..."One Word, kid...Content"

May 2011 -

Get ready for a "new" term: "Content".

And all the eyes at AIIM roll.

Another broad DOTC stroke here - MpS, is losing the "P".

Because the P is diminishing, just ask Xerox, and the C(ontent) is starting to come into focus. didn't know that? You didn't get the memo? What, you're still selling MPS as toner and service on your single and multi-function devices?

Stuck in S1 and 2? And you're happy, may I suggest in a state of bliss?  Stop looking at her and listen.

What are you going to sell when your clients don't need to print?

How do you think they will feel the moment they discover you don't want them to stop printing?

When they wake up and recognize they are simply part of your 'revenue stream'? When their level of consciousness sees the bogus truth of  'mobile printing'. That's right, bogus.

Most importantly, how are you going to fend off somebody like me who comes into your 'secure' account blathering on about MIF reduction, vitalization, Unified Communication, Content, CISCO, Help Desk, and the NOC?

All this under a vision of  MOS: The Optimization of, really everything...

Ferocious, ain't I? Does your head hurt yet? I understand this occurs right before it explodes.

Ok, let's simplify and start with a single word before we take on the Dark Galactic Rift.

One word: Content.

"Content, kid. It is all about content and the active management of the process and components associated with producing, archiving, and presenting content..."

The word 'content' has been used in the digital sense for a while now. ECM, Electronic Content Management has been around forever; I mean, who calls anything "electronic..." anymore?

I know, some smart guy somewhere substituted "Enterprise" for "electronic", gotta love it.

Webster forwards the definition of content as,  "...something that is contained: the contents of a box..."

In a box.

But here it is -  what is the difference between 'content' and 'printing'?

Can you answer?  Can you articulate it?

My analogy draws on the difference between reading the lyrics of a song and then hearing the song, and then between hearing a recording and experiencing it IRL.  Minimizing the Box.

Like it or not, the number of printed documents is decreasing. Oh, you didn't get THAT email/WebEx either? You really are in bliss, aren't you?

HP says digital content will grow10x in the next three years.  Meanwhile, copier placements are still down 27% from 2007 - and will never get back to those levels, ever. (Lyra, 2011)

As print continues to die, what, besides the ice, cold, Fear in the pit of your core, is growing?

Content. Less print, more content. Lots more.

So what?

As an MPS Selling Professional, maybe you should start to look at all your 'clicks' differently, as diminishing.  Sure, continue to meet quota and make your copier-sales-guy-turned-sales-manager happy.

But keep an eye on the horizon.  Reach out to ECM firms and integrate them into your deals.  Accept dinner as a 'finders fee'; pick their brain.  Watch them implement. 

Learn and become too sexxxy for MPS...

Started 5/10/2011.

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  1. You can be like a hot brick or a cool cup of water, Greg, but, you are generally dead balls accurate.

    Our company has been navigating this path that you prescribe for several months now.

    Software, Services & Consulting are the "pages" or "clicks" of tommorow, at least representative from a revenue perspective.

  2. As Gary politely put it "dead balls accurate." Most "providers" out there still don't quite grasp that their "clients" could care less about printers, printing, or printed pages. What they care about is the efficient and effective capture-management-storage-delivery of their content. With optimizing content comes optimizing processes. Interesting to note that ECM and BPO show up in the top of mind and focus for CIOs in 2011.....(not printers)

  3. Gary, Repent...

    Thank you both...and keep coming back.

    While at IKON, back in 2003, the PS folks were all over this "EDM-thing".

    One most intriguing aspects, one that drew me in, about MpS was the apparent EDM/ECM/BPO play.

    Indeed, all things MpS lead BACK to BPO.

    Weirdness...what's old is new...


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