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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You Know Who You Are - You're Not Alone.

What in the hell does this have to do with MpS/Copier Sales?


Yeah, Em is spittin about his fight with addiction - I have never been addicted to drugs.

Honestly, I have never done coke, crank, angel's dust, X, PCP or whatever.

I'm not suggesting that you or I need to go to rehab(except for the opportunity to sit next to Lindsay Lohan, hubba, hubba)

I do, however, find a great metaphor in this video - not for the soul-less sales managers, misguided owners, or empty cube rats - there is something here for the Selling Professional.

The "trapped" Selling Professional.  Even more, there is something here for the trapped Selling Professional who recognizes she is trapped.  Awareness is the first layer.

If you feel the resulting pain in those Monday morning meetings, when you see the inept heritage of late afternoon, weekly re-caps, embrace it.  And make a personal change.

"So Greg, you got any examples?" - Sure.

- Meetings with a worthless or no agenda?  Bring your personal agenda and work off that - others will look over your shoulder. Don't be afraid.

- Are most meetings ad-hoc in nature?  Participate begrudgingly.  If it ain't on the calendar, it don't exist. Don't be afraid.

- Refuse to be singularly, coin operated.  There's more. Don't be afraid.

- Keep your resume updated. Don't be afraid.

Most of all, there are thousands, just like you. Don't be afraid.

Oh, you think that's wrong? There is more. (Actually, the DeathOfMore but don't get me started.)

Like Em's vid is a metaphor to sales, Sales is a metaphor for Life.  

Integrate, then Optimize Everything.


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