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Monday, October 3, 2022

#Bloomberg Headline Misleads: "Amazon Will Close All But One US Customer Call Center"

Looks like another layoff announcement, doesn't it? 

But it isn't.  

The news is GOOD NEWS, especially if you're a proponent of #WFA - which as we know, Bloomberg is not.

When driving more 'clicks' outweighs journalistic value, sensational headlines carry the day. 

"Bloomberg reported Wednesday on Amazon’s plan to shift call-center employees from offices to work from home and close the Kennewick site. An Amazon spokesman declined to comment about any planned office closings, but on Wednesday confirmed the shift to remote work."

Amazon is moving most of the helpdesk functions to a work-from-home environment. All this in an effort to 'reduce costs'.  

Although layoffs are affecting Amazon, as well as unions and robots, the big story here is #Bloomberg burying a 'win' for working from home vs. the office.  Why?  Follow the money - what's Bloomberg's tie to commercial real estate or the dozens of ancillary businesses and services that feed off of commuting denizens of the cube.

"The pandemic also forced companies to embrace remote work for customer service roles and many employees are resisting efforts to return to offices. Offering work-from-home will help Amazon recruit employees in an industry with high turnover. Its cloud computing division sells Amazon Connect software that helps companies create remote customer service networks."

Sure, this is nuance barely worth the double-take - incremental.  But when taken as a cumulative, and pitched against shrinking attention spans, the effect is real. 

The narrative of the day, "Working anywhere away from the office is not working." is manipulative and fake.

The battle continues.

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