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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Ricoh Speaks with Andy - October, 2022.

I RARELY do this. But this video is good. 

Nuggets - 

  1. Chips are freeing up (A3 devices only?). 
  2. They've found a West/East passage through the Panama Canal. 
  3. The numbers are Good and the future of Ricoh includes output devices. 

Caveat One - 

Ricoh is comparing THEIR pre-covid numbers to current...which is like saying, "Last year I had one hit, this year I had 3, so I increased by 300%." Meanwhile, the competition went from 300 hits to 250, showing a decrease and still leagues ahead of you... 

Caveat Two- 

Listen to the narrative in the attached video(8:46) and tell me it wouldn't fly pre-Covid or even in 1999. 

 I like Ricoh. 
"Number Two always tries harder."


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