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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

LAUSD Gets Hacked, Does Not Pay, "Secret and Confidential" Data is Released.

Is Anyone Surprised?

From a LinkedIn post by Michael Bruner, Technology Consultant, Managed Print and Content Services, Flex Technology Group.

"I'll just leave this here...

Los Angeles School District gets hacked?

I've called on ALOT of school districts and .GOV letting them know I'd like to meet and talk about the potential security vulnerability of their desktop printers and MFP's. #itsecurity #managedprintservices

What will it take to understand this is a serious threat?"

Of course, I chimed in...

You are banging your head against the Wall - and that Wall has had the writing on it for decades.  

Why does a School District have folders labeled, "Secret and Confidential"????????  

Double-secret probation, anyone?

"There were also reportedly folders included in the data dump that appear to contain passport information, and others labeled “Secret and Confidential,” according to a report from Bleeping Computer."

"The LA Unified School District encompasses more than 1,000 schools and about 600,000 students." It is the second-largest school district in the country.  

and a budget of $18.5 BILLION ???

SLED accounts are losers.  The one who writes the RFP, wins the RFP.

Self-important egos, products of the education system, hide behind the 'good of the children' mantra.

Logic does not apply.

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