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Monday, October 10, 2022

Bloomberg Asks - "Is the #Office More Important than Ever Before?"

Bloomberg posted a veiled 'back to the office' commercial highlighting Accenture and the importance of a centrally located, geographically common area for workers to adhere to corporate policies.

Commonly known as the 'office' - albeit the office of the late 20th century.

A $19 billion, one-hundred-year-old, global real estate advisory and investment firm, recognizes we are " longer living in a 9 to 5, 40-hour week work profile..." and the "Omni-connected world is defined by being in an office..." 

They also question the productivity of hybrid meetings.   How does anyone know if"hybrid meetings are underperforming..."? Compared to what, pre-Covid meetings? 

This is a nicely produced, visually attractive piece that lost credibility and my attention at the mention of ESG. Mentioning ESG is like the President recommending a Covid shot in preparation for a hurricane. 

The 'office' is not more important than ever before - the DEFINITION of the office is more important than ever before..."

As a writer embedded, at the DNA level, in the office technology realm, I've come to understand that the majority of workers realize what I and many others have known for over two decades - just as 'home is where the heart is' -  the "Office is where you are."

What do you consider an office?

The post is here.

While enjoying your remote office, wherever that may be, check out my buddy Dan:

"One-room corner bar tavern just down the street..."

"This world's looking a little bit better, buzzed..."

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