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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Remember When Twitter Banned anyone Talking about Fouci

Remember all those neighbors calling the police because there "are people standing in a line outside a bar..." or "...there are too many people sitting in the park, next to each other..." or "...that business is open during a pandemic..."

Citizens trusted the government and they believed the talking heads, the experts, on the evening news. Why wouldn't they?  

Well for one reason, the experts lie.  All the time.

Remember when aliens and spacemen from other planets were fake?  Not anymore - UFOs are real - and now everything is in question.  

For 60 years flying saucers were the subject of 'crazy people' nothing but swamp gas and weather balloons.  The pandemic was worse.  It is like the gov't telling us to believe in flying saucers and shame those who do not. If you don't believe in little green men, you can't go to work or leave your home, and your 'friends' ridicule you as a UFO Denier - follow the science.

Regardless - how does this impact your ability to sell more copies/computers/widgets?


Your prospects trusted the Air Force, and the Govt and were betrayed.  

How in the heck can you build trust around the things you sell when authority figures greater than you and your sales manager systematically misled the populace for over 50 years?

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