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Friday, January 27, 2023

A Poem: The Copier's Legacy: A Poem of Remembrance and Renewal

"The Copier's Legacy: A Poem of Remembrance and Renewal"

The copier stands alone
Its gears now still, no longer known
The death of the machine, a silent toll
A relic of the past, now taking its toll

Once a workhorse, now it doth lay
In the silent halls, no more to play
Its whirring sound, now a distant hum
A constant presence, now, it is undone

But let us not forget its deeds of yore
The tasks it did, and so much more
A faithful servant, 'til the end
In our hearts, it shall forever blend

Farewell, dear copier, your end is here
But your legacy, forever shall be dear
In the ever-evolving world of technology
You shall be remembered, in history.

After the death of the copier,
Silence fills the once bustling room.
No more whirring gears or paper jams,
The office now feels like a sealed tomb.

But as we adjust to this new norm,
We begin to see the benefits of change.
No more maintenance or repair costs,
No more complaints or office derange.

We've upgraded to newer technology,
With faster speeds and better features.
The copier may be gone, but its legacy lives on,
In the memories and the pleasures.

Though we'll miss the trusty machine,
We must embrace this time of shift.
For with each ending, a new beginning,
And a future, that promises to uplift.

So let us raise a glass to the copier,
For all the work it has done.
And though it's gone, we'll never forget,
The legacy of the copier, will forever run.

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