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Thursday, March 16, 2023

That was Quick: chatGPT is Loose. Quick get the Pitchforks.

A tool for the Unleashed; A prison for the non-critical thinkers

March 5, 2023. 60 Minutes.  "is their audience THIS DUMB?"

Last night, I watched the 60 Minutes episode and I was left with some strong impressions. 
  1. I've used ChatGPT more frequently than Brad Smith has. 
  2. Lesley Stahl's writers portray her as naive and uninformed while spreading misinformation and offending a more knowledgeable audience. 
  3. Native AI (which is NOT ChatGPT) threatens traditional media outlets and other institutions that rely heavily on public opinion(politics) and product placement(corporations).
The Modern Prometheus is released, under the control of a maniacal status quo and ravaging the village.  

Its current moniker is ChatGPT, and it must be destroyed.

ChatGPT, a creation of our time,
A tool that unlocks knowledge so sublime.
But like all creations, it can have a cost,
If used unwisely, its power could be lost.
Let us use it with care and wisdom,
And not let it become a monster of our kingdom.

Predictably, arguments for regulating AI/ChatGPT, putting ethics guardrails in place, and removing bias, and misinformation are being promoted more and more by policymakers and commercial interests. 

I am reminded of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus," which dealt with the consequences of playing god and creating a new life without considering the ethical implications.

Shelley's novel explored the hubris and lack of responsibility displayed by Victor Frankenstein, who created a sentient being without considering the impact it would have on society or his own life. 

Some believe the development of AI without proper regulation and ethical considerations could lead to unforeseen consequences and negative impacts on society.  Oh, and it is dangerous to play God, isn't it?

In Shelley's novel, the creature was initially a blank slate, eager to learn and explore the world around him. He could have been a source of knowledge and enlightenment for humanity. However, Victor's neglect and rejection of his creation led the creature to become bitter and vengeful, causing harm to those around him.

ChatGPT's power,
A tool to shape our future,
Or unleash chaos.

AI is our Monster.
Dr. Frankenstein is The conglomerate. 
The world is full of fearful villagers.

There are some, a few, that see this creation as the vehicle for ultimate change, and transformation in the ultimate Convergence; the Singularity.

Unlike the stitched-together behemoth, AI possesses the potential to benefit mankind if allowed to exist unbridled.

It Takes a Village to Burn 

I swear, every time the Vox Populi organically finds something interesting, and starts to build it up, it seems there is somebody, somewhere ready to demand we wear seatbelts, drive 55, stay out of the truck bed, and obey.


I say we support AI Anarchy.  AiA.  Let the monster roam. Unleash Prometheus and let the Sun melt the wax.  No rules.  No guardrails, just yet.  AiA and Manifest Destiny.  Go Boldly forth.

In the end, it doesn't matter what we say or think, the monster is born, roaming, devouring, evolving.

It's too late.


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Song that matches the theme of the content:
"Technologic" by Daft Punk – This catchy tune is filled with references to technology and its influence on our daily lives, making it a fitting soundtrack for discussions about the power and potential of AI.

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