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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

AI Will Replace Millions of Sales Professionals: "Anyone Telling You Different, Is Selling Something"*

Sidebar: AI will first eliminate Purchasing Agents.

Greg's Words:

One day, much sooner than you can imagine, your past prospects will incorporate an AI Agent to help them, "...optimize their existing business processes and workflows..."

One day, much sooner than you can imagine, your past prospects will build their own "...trusted advisor..."

One day, much sooner than you can imagine, your prospects will revel in experiencing sales without ever speaking to or meeting with You.

One day, much sooner than you can imagine, organizations that build technology solutions, hardware, software, consulting and advisory services will incorporate an AI Agent to communicate and manage, "...the customer experience and selling journey..."

One day, much sooner than you can imagine, providers of IT and Office Technology will have a team of AI Selling Professionals who work 24/7, never get sick, never get emotional, and exceed quota, every single month.  

Over time, quotas will go the way of the typewriter.


Because providers' AI will talk with buyers' AI - no more salespeople.  No more "kill it and grill", overcoming objections or trial closes.  No more 120-day decision cycles, miscommunicated requirements or hidden contractual 'gotchas!'

Your AI will talk directly to their AI and everything is going to be okay.

I recently perused a piece by David Jacoby, "Will AI Replace Salespeople? Separating Fact from Hype" passionately exclaiming AI will never supplant salespeople. 

Ask any salesperson, sales manager, OEM or company that makes a 'widget' or provides a service when given a chance, would they replace salespeople with computers and they will respond in unison, 

"No. Salespeople are irreplicable.  People buy from people.  It is all about relationships." How quaint.

Ask them, if You Dare

I double dog dare you to go ask your customers if they enjoy sitting through sales centric presentations. Do they look forward to an 'assessment', reviewing multiple pricing proposals and laboring through endless follow-ups and meetings? 

No, no they do not.

I imagine there are aspects of selling even the most professional of salespeople loath: cold calls, massive rejection, uncaring compensation plans, irrelevant managerial layers, disingenuous prospects and on and on.


AI: The Ultimate Sales Force without Monday Morning Meetings, Quotas, or Sales Managers.
"In the realm of sales, the elusive capability to effortlessly handle numerous selling cycles, ranging from the straightforward to the intricate, devoid of emotional reactions to losses or setbacks, remains an enigma beyond the grasp of human sales professionals." 

So yeah, the entire process deserves and will be annihilated. Transposed into something totally different indeed at the human relationship matrix will be shifted especially in sales and selling.

Every business activity is part of a systematic process. Each of these processes can be dissected into steps that artificial intelligence (AI) can understand, analyze, and enhance. By continuously refining these processes and comparing them with a vast array of similar ones, AI can repeatedly optimize efficiency.

How does AI assist in identifying suitable companies for your solutions? 

The power of AI lies in its ability to sift through tens of thousands of data streams, analyzing information about millions of potential prospects. 

Consider your selling process, today.

The first step is to define your ideal prospect profile. Once established, AI can match potential companies to this profile by analyzing millions of data points. After identifying promising prospects based on data, you can then reach out through various channels such as email, social media, and even phone calls. 

Remarkably, AI can now facilitate phone communications on your behalf.

What About Purchasing?

On a different note, if you own a manufacturing company and are seeking new suppliers for a product you're developing under contract for a major client, all you need to do is specify the type of raw material required. AI will then scout for suitable suppliers based on a predefined list. The entire manufacturing process, from sourcing raw materials to production, can be optimized using AI. 

Furthermore, these suppliers maintain up-to-date profiles that AI can access in real-time. This efficiency eliminates the need for human sales representatives and purchasing agents.

The “Selling is an Art” argument.  

Speak to any seasoned salesperson, and they'll likely echo this sentiment as if it's a deeply ingrained mantra. But challenge yourself to ask customers and prospects: do they truly feel they're part of an artistic endeavor? I suspect not.



First, AI gets rid of the Purchasing Agents.  How do I know this?  One word, "spreadsheets".  AI eats spreadsheets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"ChatGPT, I need to manage my 125 printers and 12 copiers. Here is a list of my requirements.  Find three of the best MPS vendors on the east coast.  Send them each a customized request for information letter, from me, the CEO."

So we'll see purchasing departments and decision committees fade away.  Once that happens, the clunky watch wearing, Audi driving, bombastic, pushy B2B salesperson will be right behind them.


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