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Friday, September 22, 2023

Crossroads: The Future of Managed Print Services

The Managed Print Services (MPS) industry is at a pivotal moment, facing the need to evolve from a hardware-centric model to a more holistic, software-driven approach. A recent article from The Office Tech Tap delves into this transformation. 

Companies like MyQ are pioneering this shift, offering cloud-based platforms that integrate with existing IT infrastructures. The industry is also grappling with a disconnect between IT decision-makers and office workers regarding the future of print. 

MyQ’s Digital Workplace Assistant is a shining example of this evolution, going beyond mere printing to offer advanced scanning workflows and secure cloud-based document storage. Adding another layer to this complex landscape is the growing emphasis on sustainability. 

The choices made by the MPS industry today will undoubtedly shape its future. Will it hold onto its hardware-centric past or embrace a software-driven future? The article offers valuable insights into these pressing questions.

Deep dive, here.

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