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Friday, September 22, 2023

New to Copier Sales: Your Future in This Industry

Copier Sales: Where Destiny Prints Your Success Story

In my more than three-decades-long odyssey through the world of office technology — from the copier to Novell servers, from sleek tablets to behemoth mainframes — I’ve rubbed shoulders with presidents, mingled with the C-suite, and tipped a few bourbons with dealer/owners. Yet, in this crazy mix of personalities and titles, I have never encountered a single soul who woke up one day and said, “I want to sell copiers for the rest of my life.” 

Yet here we are, an industry of resilience and problem solvers.

I wonder, how is this possible? For the newly minted copier rep, what can you expect from the niche as you progress along your personal selling journey?

Today, we’ll talk about key strategies and principles for not just surviving the copier industry, but thriving in professional sales and beyond.

The accidental copier salesperson
First, let’s be clear: nobody steps into this arena by design. It’s almost as if the universe conspires to drop people into this niche, often without them realizing it until they’re handed a sales manual on their first day of orientation.

I’ve also met a fair share of veterans in the copier industry— “copier folks” and “toner heads”—who have tried to escape, to break free. Yet, like a boomerang, they find themselves back in the game within months, as if tethered by some invisible force.

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