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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Ugly Truth: Selling is not an Artform - It's an Algorithm

"Selling is an Art" is A Lie.

In the world of sales, there's a pervasive narrative that "Selling is an Art." This perspective is often championed by sales management and trainers, painting a romanticized picture of the sales profession. But why is this narrative so prevalent, and what purpose does it serve?

At its core, the idea of selling as an art form is a motivational tool. By elevating the act of selling to the status of artistry, sales management and trainers aim to instill a sense of pride, purpose, and self-worth in salespeople. The underlying message was clear: you're not just pushing a product or service; you're crafting a masterpiece, engaging in a dance of persuasion, and creating a unique experience for the customer.

However, there's a darker side to the story, there always is. 

Framing selling as an art, is suggests that you possess a unique, almost mystical skill set that sets you apart from others. This leads to your inflated sense of self-importance, making you believe you hold a special place in the corporate hierarchy and the sales realm. In reality, you are a victim of a strategic move to keep you motivated, driven, and, most importantly, loyal to the company.

By subscribing to this narrative, you're led to neglect the more pragmatic facets of the job. While interpersonal skills, a grasp of human psychology, and persuasive abilities are deemed essential, the emphasis on data, analytics, and strategy—especially when bolstered by artificial intelligence and large language models—overshadow, diminish and eliminate these soft skills.  Especially in the eyes of your prospects.  Prospects have a strategy, they don't want to be charmed into YOUR strategy/30 day cycle.


"Is Selling an Art or a Science?  Neither.  It is an Algorithm" - GRW

In the end, what we as professional, seasoned, B2B, selling professionals believe becomes less relevant with each passing day.  Ask prospects if they want to participate an 'an expression of art' or solve business problems.  

Go ahead.  

Ask them, if they had a choice, would they rather tell an AI their problem, and let it find the best team of providers, or meet with five vendors, explaining the situation each time, participate in five different 'needs assessments', sit through five exhaustive, ego-centric presentations - only to distill the minutia into a five column spreadsheet.  Boiling everything down to that one, golden cell.

If selling was ever an art, its days are numbered.

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