Saturday, December 27, 2008

Damn The Torpedoes, Fire Your Customers!


Well, just the customers who are wrong, and will not take your advice..

I hope good Admiral Farragut is not spinning in his grave over my adulteration of his famous quote - it just seems fitting, especially when sailing through today's torpedo filled, economic seas.

Ken Stewart has a great post, The Customer Is NOT Always Right! where he expresses the need to steer clear of certain customers and sometimes make a few walk the plank.

But that is just the surface subject of his post.

I read the underlying message as "Know thyself, to thy own self, be true..." - yes, I know, I just mixed The Oracle at Delphi and Shakespeare, but you get the point, hopefully.

In order to steer clear bad customers and to fire clients, we must posses a level of confidence gained after knowing what it is that we do best and who we like to "hang around".

Life is short. Why not surround yourself with clients(or friends, or family members)that have the same ideas and ideals as you?

Makes sense, don't it?

Now, Damn The Torpedoes, march into your Sales Manager's office and tell him you are firing the three most irritating customers you, wait...before doing that, update your resume...

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  1. Greg, I said it once - and it deserves saying again... I love your extension of the thought past just customers. This philosophy should be applied (albeit sparingly) to all areas of your life.