Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Swipe at Salespeople From the IT World: Telecom Sales People Are Funny

Sales Stories are standard conversation pieces at watering holes all over the world - always have been, always will be.

How often have we sales people made fun of "idiot customers" and remember that time we spilled coffee on the prospect's desk.

Or when we put that open, felt-tipped pen in our pocket, latter realizing while we were presenting, a spot of black ink expanded on our shirt, distracting the prospect and propelling our presentation into the annals of "funny sales stories".

It is interesting to see what the guy on the "other side of the table" thinks and what he thinks is funny.

Over at The Industry Standard, Johna Till Johnson, Networld World, pieced together this narrative about "...the sheer entertainment factor of the "dog and pony show" as carrier salespeople and sales engineers present their responses to the RFP..."

An excerpt:

"...The carrier obligingly scoped out a scenario, including a managed router connecting into the MPLS network, and a parallel Internet router connecting into the Internet (over a separate local loop). The carrier then added a Session Initiation Protocol trunking card to link the site PBX into one of the routers. The only problem: it plugged the PBX into the Internet router, not the MPLS one — arguing the customer needed to "keep the MPLS network available for data..."

My response - "huh?" Why is this funny? Did I miss somin?

The post is short - so go over and check it out if you like, here.

My favorite nugget is this statement, "...Carriers often invest a lot of time and energy in these presentations, typically bringing a half-dozen employees in to extol the wonders of their company..."

I have often wondered why competitors and at times, my own management, feels the need to bring an army of "presentors" to a client meeting.

Many times, it is quite comical.

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