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Monday, May 4, 2009

ATM Book Machine launches in London

Just when I thought "Print is Dead" along comes this thing - the Espresso Book Machine.

Billed as the most revolutionary development in books for 500 years, this machine can print a bound version of nearly 500,000 titles.

Each in five minutes, while the customer waits.

Currently available titles are out of print, but the creator of the machine is looking to work deals with publishers and hope to get a list of around 1 million titles available.

The applications are mind boggling.

Airport bookstores, magazine racks, college bookstores and the traditional bookstore could be all wrapped up into one, somewhat large, coin operated, vending machine.

The NewStand of the future. Kindles some thought, doesn't it?

Connect this little hummer to the "cloud" and you have yourself the future of print - on demand and nearly anyplace on the planet.

The PrinterNet?


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