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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Is There a Perfect Managed Print Services ?

Since the 2010 MPS Conference in San Antonio, I have attended no fewer than 10 webinars and half a dozen face to face meetings regarding MPS; infrastructure, selling, getting in, training, software, hardware, third party toner, etc.

Here are just some:

FM Audit
HP - IPAA tool
Carbon 6
Great America - Navigator and Your Guide to MPS Success
Imaging Channel - Looking Under the Hood: Executives Discuss Their MPS Programs
YourMPSA - Is MPS Your Savior
Xerox HD Security
Xerox PagePack 3.0

and at least 4-5 more in the next 20 days.

So what can be gleaned?

Well, one thing is for sure. Building, or re-building a MPS practice is a challenge.

But the tools are out there.

It's a puzzle, really. Not to the level of a "riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma" but a problem worthy of a solution.

And through out my travels you would think I could find the "holy grail" of MPS - that killer application.

It ain't out there. There is no singularity.

Sorry to say, the best approach is to first look at yourself, get to know your strengths and then go forward and build the infrastructure. Plugin other people with strength into those weak areas.

The insidious thing about MPS is that from the outside, it looks so easy.

And it remains appearing easy as you progress deeper, only when you are in up to your neck, do you get the total picture - there are many moving parts.

Also, as I get to see "under the hood" of so many MPS/MDS Programs, software packages, supplies management programs, hardware OEM programs, one may think it would be easy to pick out the winners and the losers.

This makes it even more difficult - there are no losers. Every vendor, ever package every program has it's strengths.

As tool sets go, our MPS Industry has the best.

It's the application of those tools or mis-application, that gets MPS Practice managers fired. Yikes.

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