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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How To Sell Managed Print Services: A Great Question From LinkedIn

Well, the newbs are coming out, again.

Not to worry, the industry can always use new blood. But I do find the questions and the simplistic pontification tedious and fatiguing.

A new to the MPS World sales rep(I can't call him a MPS Selling Professional yet)asked a great question,

"I sold copiers and printers for a while. I recently got into MPS. No longer am I wasting time on the same accounts.

What tips are out there to be a successful MPS professional. How do we get people excited about MPS???"


Go to a book store and buy a "how to run a business" book

Forget EVERYTHING your copier training ever taught you. Everything.

Confirm that your executives and owners understand the REAL MPS by never hearing anyone tell you things like "the hardware sales will come...let's capture the clicks...increase the share of wallet...own the network...own the fleet..."

Forget the company "value statement"; create your own, Personal Statement

Demand a better sales manager

Demand a better comp. plan

Expect a 120 day cycle

Roll your eyes, every, single time some goofy, shallow, know nothing manager asks, "how's your funnel looking...what you closing this month?

Expand your personal, business acumen

Keep your resume fresh

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