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Friday, July 2, 2010

Managed Print Services and the U.S. Revolution: "Aim Small, Miss Small"

July 2010

A few weeks ago, I was discussing one of my MPS deals with another MPS contemporary.

As he is a resident of the state of Ohio - the heck is a Buckeye, anyway?- I shall not use his real name.

Let's just call him "Joe".

So Joe and I are talking about selling MPS and copiers and printers and all sorts of output-geek-like subjects when I mention I am just about ready to implement a new MPS Engagement.

Approximately $3800.00 per month.

He asks, "Oh, really? What are you doing?"

"We're setting up automatic supplies fulfillment for his fleet of 200 devices spread out all over the west", I proudly proclaim.

And without missing a beat, Joe responds, "Oh. That's not MPS..."

Before jumping into a "you don't know shit about MPS" rampage, I stopped and considered, "oh god, he's right..."

"...Aim Small, Miss Small..."

What I knew and didn't share with Joe was that this was the first step in a long process - the beginning of Stage 1, Control.

Look at it like this:

When taking on a big MPS challenge, saving your client money, I think we should go after the high-value, high-impact targets - like officers riding on horseback, first.

Start there. Take down the hard cost targets making an immediate impact.

And knowing your goal is to eliminate additional expenses and set your client free, you attack other costs after establishing credibility.

You will need to rely on skills developed through years of turmoil.

And you will have a team. Probably newbies. First-time MPS'ers, children really.

And when things get rolling, you'll need to cover for them, maybe jump out from behind a tree and draw some fire. They will be ok.

You must be bold, it's your only choice. Luck favors the bold.

Moving through your process as easy as you walk through a post-conference reception, you continue to take down the costs: getting rid of big, expensive, over-capacity copiers, removing slower, small, and expensive printers, helping streamline the invoicing process, cutting down the number of prints.

In the midst of all this transition and chaos you, like each and every one of us, will be presented with an ultimate choice. One that looks impossible from the outside, but a situation you have been through before.

This is a defining moment; do you go for a 50% or 55% GP?

Should you review your agreement in detail? Both sides and all 47 clauses?

Without hesitation, you act. The tools are so comfortable, they are extensions of yourself. Know Thy Self.

Calculate your risk, take your shot, and make it work.

And as you continue, letting the genie out of the bottle, hacking away at all the waste, remember - when you put it down, put it all the way down. Take care of everything.

No prisoners.

It all starts with "Aim Small, Miss Small"

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