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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's a Double Dip Recession, Which is really a Depression - Are You Ready To Make an MPS Stand?


Companies are reporting "better days". IT budgets are loosening up. But, aren't the copier companies comparing this year's numbers to last year's numbers?

And weren't some numbers last year down as much as 62%?

So, like, if I lost 10 machines last year, but sold 1 machine this year, is that good?

Let me ask you this...are you finding it easier to get leasing for your SMB prospects?

Are the business parks just as empty today, as they were this time last year?

Hell, mine out here in SoCali have TUMBLE WEEDS rolling through the parking lots!

I ain't kidding, I've seen this with my own eyes.

How many homes in your neighborhood are still for sale? After a year?

When was the last time your company ADDED to the employee rolls? Additional salespeople? Additional service technicians?

How's all that "hope and change" working out for you?

The banks have been "rescued", 2 out of three of the Big Three automakers are no longer American owned, un-enjoyment has gone UP, there are no such things as "green jobs", our debt is now 62% of our GDP, the United States of America has bowed to the Saudi's and the Chinese.

And France is giving US economic advice.

There is still a hole where the Towers once stood; a Mosque, feet from Ground Zero, will be built before any structure replaces our fallen structures.

And we can't get a copier lease approved for a church in Cleveland.

Huh, ain't this some sh*t?

As MPS providers, we often tout "30% cost reductions..." or "59% equipment reduction and 1000% reduction in your carbon footprint"

Carbon Footprint? Save the trees? Do the trees have bills to pay?

How about saving somebody's job?

Sure, printing and printers are not as sexy as Quad-Core thing-a-ma-jobs and nifty blade server-things.

And "the Cloud" sounds really cool - Can the cloud save Sally's job in shipping?

Can a quad-core watchma-whosit sell more widgets? Well, ok maybe they can, but that's not important.

Here's where I am going with this - on your report to the CFO, after performing the exhaustive study, are you mentioning how many jobs can be saved by moving to MPS?

In addition to how many trees were rescued, how much carbon was reduced, and how many barbecue propane tanks worth of energy were conserved, do you have a column for cube-rat jobs preserved?

Can you figure that one out? Sure you can. Add it to your ROI.

That's right - add "Number of Positions Saved".

Ahhhh...makes you nervous, doesn't it?

I mean, how in the world can you approach this subject with the director of IT? The office manager? The Head of Purchasing, Mr. CPM?


Sure, the IT Director might find it nifty and pitch the fact that 50 propane tanks will be saved by moving to duplex, but FTE's ? No way.

I know you're asking, "But Mr. DOTC-Dude, how can I find out how much they're paying Sally in Shipping?"

"Are you kidding me?" is my reply.

True, you won't find this data by digging through "last year's toner spend" with Staples.

And, it is unlikely to jump out at you, reviewing Toshiba copier lease "expiration dates".

How about if you, let's say just for shits and giggles, want to find out how much time and the cost is invested by your prospect when processing those incoming shipments of toner from Staples?

I don't know, call me crazy, but do you think you could get a "burden" for a shipping clerk in say, Detroit? (or accounting or HR...)

How cool will it look when you're the only one to propose "saving jobs", when the rest of them, even the "big boys" are still pitching "lowest CPI and lowest TCO"?

Yeah, you can.

I dare you. Double-dog-dare you.

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