Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Declaration of Independence and Managed Print Services

You think you got it tough?

What, your manager, the one who can't spell M-P-S, let alone sell it, wants to go on a ride along?

Your funnel isn't up to snuff?

Is it Tuesday and you need to sit in on one, more MPS training/con call?

Is your dealership owner STILL fumbling around with your MPS compensation plan?


The economy gotcha down?

Poor baby.

Well, tell me this, tough-guy - every time you sign your name, endorsing your paycheck, it feels pretty good, doesn't it?

How about the feeling you get, watching a prospect, turn into a client, scratching his name next to the "X" on one of your agreements?

Nice, isn't it?

Have you ever once, considered that your or your clients' signature, the simple act of writing your name on a piece of paper, would result in your death sentence?

That by acknowledging your beliefs, your ideals, by taking a stand, deciding what is right and what is wrong, and signing "for it", you would be pursued and vilified all over the land, your house taken, your friends killed and in the end, your neck at the end of a rope.

And so it was, that hot July in 1776. 55 men signed their name on a piece of parchment - all knew that if this great endovour failed, they would be publicaly hung, the families ruined and shamed.

And still, they put pen to sheep skin, ink into ideas - changing the world, changing mankind, forever.

Happy Fourth.

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