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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Managed Print Services Conference 2010, Day Two : Death Of The Copier Calendar?

Raise your hand if you now believe MPS is NOT "just like color was..."

Raise your hand if you know about the new, embedded reporting software, DC SAM, from MWAi.

Raise your hand if you would be interested in the "2011, Girls of DOTC" calendar.

Raise your hand if you know what LBIT stands for.

Here's the deal.

As we take stock of the show thus far looking for areas of improvement and commending bright spots, self-analysis is bound to occur.

The audience this year is a bit more profound and studied. The presenters were a little more serious and jittery.

It is very easy, indeed required, that we look back to the 2009 show, but for me, I like to compare it to other shows, other presenters, and other audiences.

Yes, not all are going to find every single session riveting. Perhaps a bit of the content is beneath some attendees and of course, some of it flies right over everybody's head.

So what? This can be said about each and every show I have ever attended, actually, every show ever.

But this iteration of the North American MPS Conference is the backdrop for something different -

We are witnessing the emergence of an industry.

Managed print services is real and the Photizo MPS Conference is the ONLY place where honest goodness, MPS professionals can gather and together, mock the ignorant and misinformed.

A singularity in history - this is the point in time when MPS players can and will shake aside the shackles of the past.

Some will now take that leap of faith, stepping into the future.

Others will brush away the stench of failure, compose and go forth boldly.

There is a real disturbance in the Force, a fracture widened into a fissure - there is a correct way to go about implementing MPS, saving an industry, and there is yesteryear's lackeys' method of grappling for glory long since past.

We are problem solvers - the greatest in all of history. And some of the greatest problem solvers walk the halls of Omni La Mansion del Rio.

But not everyone could attend - you know who you are - if you found yourself nodding in concurrence with some of the above, you are here in spirit, welcome.

Seriously, this is not iTEX - attendance at the North American MPS Conference has actually INCREASED year over year - and the MPS consultants don't outnumber the attendees. (no you didn't just read that)

So as Day Two ends, the post-show festivities begin and the real information exchanges occur.

See your future, be your future...

Oh, yeah, let me know if you think a DOTC Calendar should one-day grace millions of cubes around the globe...

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