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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Managed Print Services Conference 2010 - After Hours

The 2010 MPS Conference is in the can. The reviews are in, critics silent.

So, after a gruelling day of sitting and absorbing, the sponsored receptions are both a very welcomed break and the best time to get the real work of conferences done; networking.

Personal Note: I was shocked by all the people who came up to me to say "hi" and that they read this tome - I am humbled and honored by all your kind words.

I especially feel for the husbands out there who have had to explain reading DOTC as "work related" and to all in the cubes, afraid managerial eyes will be looking over your shoulder, locked with laser focus on one of the "Girls" - CTRL TAB.

Speaking of the "Girls of DOTC" - as risque and nontraditional as they are, very few complaints have been voiced. As a matter of fact, I get more compliments from women over the pictures than I do men.

Again, thank you all for reading and continue to come back!

Now, on with the "after hours" review.

Day Two, reception:

A gentleman walks up to me, shakes my hand and says he reads my blog, wanted to meet me and he is from Muratec.

I respond, thanks, are you having a good show, and what, exactly does Muratec have regarding MPS.

He answers, "...we do a good deal of Seg 1 and Seg 2...".

Me, gracious as always query,

"...Seg 1 and Seg 2? It has got to be at least 4 years since I heard ANYONE mention Seg 1&2. Is THERE STILL A Seg 1 & 2 around?" - at about this time, I stopped, hoping to avoid the old shoe leather in the mouth phenomena.

No worries - these guys are cool. Lou, Marketing Director, Carl, Senior Director of Technical Support and Jim D'Emidio, President Muratec America, Inc.

So I press, just a bit, and ask, " is it, that you are still selling?" I meant it, I wanted to know.

Still, they took no offense and answered straight away, " we make doing business with us, very easy...and we listen to our dealers or CUSTOMERS..."

Well smack me upside the head and call me a Leopard Thong! Duh!

Remember, they were not selling me. I will never be a customer. This wasn't a sales pitch or their corporate function, they have nothing to lose by telling me the truth. By giving me their "elevator speech" over margaritas.

So, after left handed insults, what is the best thing to do? Accept an invite to dinner with them! Excellent!

Our meal consists of supremely adequate ravioli and a superb red, selected by our very own sommelier, Kevin Morris, from Onedoc - he has his very own wine cellar.

The conversation bounces between Oklahoma vs. Texas football rivalries, old school copier dealers, golf outings, and why Courtney,from Lyra, is the only female sitting at a table of 10 guys - she giggles.

As the night closes walking back to my room, I remember one of the slides in the presentation David Cameron and I will be giving the next day.

The phrase, "its the customer, stupid..." is a bullet.

This one statement, is crystallized by what Jim said earlier that evening.

How can a company survive in the Seg 1 and Seg 2 ? "... we make doing business with us, very easy...and we listen to our dealers or CUSTOMERS..."

The MPS industry is ready to turn from introspection, to looking out, paying attention to our customers.

We don't need to define MPS - it's done.

We don't need to realize a good MPS practice requires solid infrastructure - agreed.

We don't need to be convinced of the profitability of MPS - we see it.

We should, now, focus on our customers, focus outside the internals and begin to present to the world, our unique, MPS offerings.

It is time.

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  1. Jim and Carl are great guys. The Muratec US HQ is actually in my sales territory, and they courted us for quite some time. We had a great feeling about the way they conduct their business and actually got to the final phases of becoming a partner, including sending technicians to training.

    Unfortunately for them, Lexmark put a product line in front of us that seemed to be a lot more bang for the buck, so we signed on with them and love the Lexmark BSD products thus far.

  2. Nathan, don't lose that number... In time you may be needing to call the guys from Muratec back. I have heard of more than one lex dealer unable to get parts or supplies for new equipment for weeks. That's not even in the Muratec vocabulary.


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