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Monday, September 12, 2011

MpS going downstream - Way DownStream - SMB/SOHO - wait, WHAT??


HP recently announced a slew of new machines, MpS enabled aimed directly at the small business niche.

Oki - is bundling scanning options built for Quickbooks, integrated with hardware, under their MpS, for around $800.00.

And I swear, I can almost hear Samsung slowing down through re-entry, landing in the water and waiting to come ashore en mass, with cheap, bundled MpS devices.

The Sky Shall Shatter the Heavens into Stars -

The great double-dip recession of 2008-20xx is recognized by layoffs,  jobless figures, the California exodus, the Detroit melt-down and the not so stark difference between government-created jobs and government jobs. (Think about it...wait for it...wait....there.)

As corporations are reducing headcount and squeezing every ounce of productivity from the zombie-like survivors, home offices are sprouting up like poppies in Afghanistan.

HP is getting out of PC's because they see less value for their shareholders in PC's - and as the PC goes, so too, goes the printer.


All these laid-off executives,  managers, and cube rats are going to find their way in the world, most won't simply lie there, on the couch, collecting "Obama-bucks" forever.

The new Aquarian Workforce will be mobile, they will work simultaneously for multiple employers, and be based at home - printing. All those individual stars falling out of the sky, landing and thriving - on smartphones and tablets; no more brick and mortar.

But wait, there is more.

As the corporate world shrinks, and the need to print fades to white, smaller, cheaper, and MpS Bundled devices will be the norm; if by "MpS Bundled" I mean S1/S2, which I do.

Machines talking to machines, toner automatically delivered, directly from the OEM.

Service you ask?  Really?  How about the OEM's go and design devices as reliable as your flat screen? How often have you called for service on that one?

From B2B to M2M to B2C and NOTHING in Between.

You feeling that? 


That's my L.A. - How many times does L.A. need to get blowed up by aliens?

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