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Monday, May 23, 2022

Walt's Weekly Words, Week 4

This week, there is more content around employment, and the insistence of returning to the office by management, ownership, and the C-Suite. The transition back to the cube is experiencing resistance as the negatives of supporting two offices begin to take hold.

#Apple employees petition for more flexibility, as businesses get back to 'business', occupancy rates across the country continue a slow regression.

#Austin, Texas is reported to be on the office space recovery. This is a mirage. The increase is tied to the return of government workers.

A law firm in the UK is offering work from home for 20% less pay and as if there aren't enough 'pressures' on the remote worker, Proximity Bias is seeping into the lexicon. Is it real or more propaganda?

There is a new and improved managed print services(#MPS) model for your consideration.

I found a great, yet hour-long, discussion asking, "Is Artificial Intelligence A Threat To Human Existence?"

Finally, a piece exploring Gustave Klim's fetish with gold and women - something completely different.

Read the rest, here.

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