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Thursday, May 5, 2022

New and Improved Managed Print Services Model, "Z22"

Managed Print Services has been around for decades and as a concept offers the opportunity to expand beyond the printed document.  It always has been.

Things change, they always do, and this is true for managed print services.  I was involved with developing an MpS model back in 2007 and again later, twice, with the MPSA.

There is no wrong model - there's just a more 'right' model.  Mine.  Which is now yours.

The typical, status quo MPS model stands on three basic phases, "Control", "Optimize" and "Enhance" and is progressed sequentially, with a Beginning and a Terminus.

I never liked it as a step-by-step process.  Managed print Services is an ongoing system - what today we call a "flywheel".  

So when looking at the above illustration, you'll notice there are no arrows.  Sure, the hexagons sport numerals, and yes, you must start with Hex"00" and bounce through the remaining areas, but the process can move from 02 to 01 to 03; non-sequential.

Here is your new and improved MpS Renaissance Model, Z22: 

00 Pre-Engagement - Getting the word out and selling, evaluating the current environment, and building infrastructure to support the practice.

01 Manage - Care and feeding of existing output devices, assessment of IT, Workflow, and existing vendors. Begin Print Policy. 

02 Revise - Reduce costs, retire, replace & redeploy inventory. Implement digital workflow & execute Print Policy. 

03 Expand – “IT” services; your Technology stack Evolves Print Policy into Technology Policy. 

04 IoT - Pivot into adjacent niches. Monitoring assets with both on-site and remote support.

This model is full of opportunity and direction, a guide to help you move away from print and copy.  
The process can be followed sequentially, or simultaneously, and each area is designed to be revisited. 

For example, moving from Area 02 to Area 01 and then into Area 03.  The illustration is a two-dimensional representation of a living, three-dimensional model.

Additionally, although today’s context is managed print, the model is designed to be applied to ANY product or service offering.

Updated definition and crystalized goals:

The #MPSRenaissance Z22 Model definition:

"...the active management and optimization of business processes tasked with eliminating paper, increasing efficiencies, reducing costs, and growing profits..."

#Z22 Customer goal:

"To reduce friction within business processes, increase employee happiness, enhance customers' experience and build relationships for life."

#Z22 Provider goal:

"Build lifelong, mutually profitable relationships helping customers evolve and thrive through digital transformation."

#Z22 MpS Foundation:

“We will help clients reduce the number of printed output, manage away remaining devices and move into comprehensive digital workflows.”

Z22, Managed Print Services of 2022 is a starting point, not an end-all.  It is an off-ramp away from toner and paper, an on-ramp to digital transformation.

Tactically, Z22 supports grabbing volume today and then growing with your clients into IT services and adjacent markets.  Here’s another important aspect: managed IT services is not nirvana either.

Strategically, Z22 is transitional, always moving.  

Print has a long tail; it will never go away completely.  Someone, this very second is typing a letter on an IBM Selectric. When was the last time you serviced a typewriter?

The point is simple: Z22 is a dynamic process tasked with removing print and copy devices and paving the way for growth in other industries.

Next, We'll look at the outline for Area 00 of the MpS Renaissance Z22 Model.

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