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Friday, November 25, 2022

#WFA vs. #RTO is Pisces vs. Aquarius

In a recent article, "Are Offices Going to Make A Comeback" Steve Todd at Open Sourced Workplace, compares a few benefits and disadvantages of working from anywhere and getting back to an office.

From the article.

Advantages of working in an office:

  1. Accessible Company Resources
  2. Better Defined Work-Life Boundaries
  3. Greater Accountability
  4. More Established Company Culture And Values
  5. Social Interaction

Disadvantages of Working in the Office

  1. Time and Money Wasted on Commute
  2. Less Flexibility
  3. Intrusive Micromanagement
  4. Fewer Travel Opportunities
  5. Limited Talent Pool
The advantages are nill, disadvantages overstated.  The big question is will offices make a comeback?

The answer is 'No'.  Sad news for the myriad industries supporting the vita officio.

The reason we built 'office buildings' in the first place was to share limited resources.  Beginning with water, power, heating, cooling, and indoor plumbing. Followed by paper, filing cabinets, desktops, networks, business phones, fax, copiers, and printers. High-rise office buildings were designed to fit as many people(resources) into a small parcel of land.

This HAS ALL CHANGED.  Resources are available from any spot on the globe.

Corporate culture and accountability are the same thing and are dictated by outdated beliefs supporting old-fashioned managerial structures.  

The new way is more organic, liberating, and fulfilling.  

All your office drones, do not fret, best estimates say only 54% of you will return to the orafice.  So, you'll still have Taco Tuesdays and casual Fridays 

Your colleagues will be processing claims, managing budgets, and running spreadsheets from the beach, the library, or the Louvre.  

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