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Monday, November 28, 2022

Why #Musk is Correct in His Work From Anywhere(#WFA) Stance

Shaking off the chaff - getting rid of the parasites, too many slackers.

Musk is taking it on the chin, if only he cared.  He's evacuated half of Twitter's workforce and demanded the remaining population return to the office AND expect to work long hours.

Asking for commitment and the committed.  Need to refresh, realign and reorganize a mess a bloated, political, propaganda machine filled with small-minded, ignorant and active activists.

With all those employees, free food, working four hours a week, and healthy salaries, Twitter is unprofitable.  The previous owners spent money like it wasn't theirs.

When Musk waltzed in, letting it all 'sink in', he slashed costs by $13 million eliminating the free food program, and proceeded to reduce headcount - some say by 50%.  

He also made it a requirement of employment to get to the office 5 days a week and committed to working

Musk will:
  • Get better people - Twitter is a privately owned company fighting for its life in need of committed innovators.
  • Build upon the platform - Users and proven software are the foundation of a successful corporation, not a social movement.  
  • Be like WeChat Plus - All things, for all people from cash transfer, crypto, eCommerce, search engine, and dating service all on one platform.
Twitter is Musk's venture into Cloud Capital and arguably a plaything.  He is an open platform advocate who doesn't believe in censoring disagreeable content.

He believes we do not have the right to NOT BE OFFENDED.  I track those who criticize and their motives - follow the money, then the politics.

  • Musk never intended to back out of the deal, he was exposing the "number of users" false narratives.
  • Musk doesn't want to censor alternate views; indeed, like most good entrepreneurs and visionaries, encourages a dynamic of all possible responses.
  • I imagine once the Team TwitterMusk is fleshed out, salaries will be high matching the level of talent, employees and users will be happy, and Twitterdom will be ripe with dynamic, interesting views on current events - and help deliver more pizzas.

As with everything, Time will Tell.

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