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Thursday, November 24, 2022

#WFH and Collaboration - study this...culture and results, not process and dogma...

This is how we put together The Greg Walters Show - paying neighbors to keep it down and Mcdonald's drink holders stapled to the wall.

Eight minutes - 

Face-to-face, no rules, just creating, getting from A to B.

No cubicles, core values carved into the wall, chunky watches, or wallet pictures of your Audi.

The office is changing forever - the technology needed to support and accel business into the next century, because that is what we're talking about, the next 100 years, does not exist yet.  You and I, together are on the Edge of Forever.  A place where things grow organically, under pressure, in fire and smoke - like coal to diamonds, today's world is moving us forward at tremendous rates of speed.  

Moore's law is too slow because it reflects DIGITAL advances - off/on - in an analog Universe.  Nature does not move in stop action, it FLOWS...throw some hustle into that flow.

Collaboration can happen in the garage, basement, or in StreamYard and the best 'cultures' are cultured in the wild, not created by an organization - that's not culture it's a cult.

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