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Sunday, December 18, 2022

#Elon Musk and The #Twitter Entanglement on #LinkedIn

From a LinkedIn post from Scotty Millar, from IT RockStars for inspiration:

"Tricky question - what do you think of Elon Musk and his opinions at the moment? I went back to Twitter once I heard he purchased it - mainly because I was outraged that so many people had been banned for expressing their views on something.

Not their actual view but the fact that they had been silenced.

I am seriously considering investing some time into Twitter Ads - IT Rockstars has, over the last four years, spent many thousands on Facebook - the retargeting works excellent, and if you are a member of IT Rockstars and have worked your way through the MSP Video Academy you'll know exactly what power it has.

Facebook almost feels like MySpace just before it vanished into obscurity. That being said, Ads still work great on FB, but the type of people I want to do business with are using Twitter.

Those that believe in free speech at all costs.


Do I have thoughts?  I sure do:

I joined Twitter before the Purple Finger and Great Flood of NYC - two incidents that revealed the platform's power.  Then it the little Bluebird changed and I let years of Twitterdom fade away.  

My account sat dormant - because the content sucked.  

Any ID 10T could see the stream bent toward a narrative.  Banning a sitting president, regardless of party, and allowing known despots and evil-doers access the platform was/is the epitome of hypocrisy.

The REAL question is, "Is Elon Musk the new Preston Thomas Tucker?"

The revelations of the day support my conscious decisions.  Ignoring the Twitter stream was not a huge shift, it isn't difficult to ignore or pay attention - it is called free will.  

The right to express is not a right to be heard.

Profit? What Profit?

Twitter does not turn a profit.  Twitter can be operated by a staff of 12.  Twitter may become a neutral platform for everything from P2P communication to e-commerce, everything on the interwebs.  

Imagine the combination of Amazon, Alphabet, and Facebook into Twitter; a crypto/NFT.  Heck, throw in a few streaming services/cable companies.

If Musk can turn Twitter into a true infrastructure/utility, free and open, the market will judge; not disgruntled ex-employees, panicked news services, poser-journalists, or decrepit congresspeople.

Addressing those who criticize Musk - "What color is YOUR rocket ship?"

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