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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Looking for productivity in the Hybrid Office? "You're digging in the wrong place."

A new report, "HOW HYBRID WORKING FROM HOME WORKS OUT", reveals a few interesting points after studying the #Hybrid work environment to an in-the-office model; results, are inconclusive.

    When it comes to the new way of work, I feel 100% #WFH is more productive than the #Hybrid model.

From a purely 'man on the street' perspective -  I have always FELT hybrid would negatively impact overall productivity when compared with 100% #WFA. 

From the report:

"Our experiment took place, the third-largest global travel agent by sales in 2019 (after Expedia.comand is headquartered in Shanghai with offices across China and internationally, accommodating its roughly 35,000 employees."

Although the experiment is conducted and presented in a clinical and scientific manner, most readers understand measuring productivity is subjective - unless there are measurable and comparative real-world deliverables. ie, 'the number of calls serviced', 'reported customer satisfaction increase/decrease', 'increased sales/orders/revenue', etc.

I believe local factors, down to the neighborhoods, have a greater gravitational pull on the data/observations.

A US-based study with samplings from the enterprise and SMB, looking at 100% #WFA v 100% #RTO, in urban and suburban localities, would carry more value.  Across the entire spectrum of work - manufacturing, and service-oriented business models - it would be great to illuminate the degree of Office Technology digitization/organization as well - a study that spans the 2018-2022+ timeframe will be more insightful. (one can dream)

I think the Hybrid model will prove to be nothing more than a diabolical and incremental scheme to get you back in the office.  

When searching for productivity, looking at only #WFH vs #RTO, you're digging in the wrong place.  

Don't eat bad dates.


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