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Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Next Wave in Social? The Printed Newsletter.

The inspiration from Scotty Millar, on LinkedIn: 

 Why your MSP needs to start a printed newsletter 

From the article:

"That’s one reason why the printed MSP newsletter works so well – it does not matter if the contact has opted in or out – legally, you can mail them the newsletter, and your not breaking any spam or privacy laws."

WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE!!!??? Are you saying, from the viewpoint of a highly influential MSP Person, that IT service providers should re-connect their HP Series II, print words on actual paper, and said communique in an ENVELOPE, and send it? In the mail? Like it's 1954?

Savage. And supporting my views on 'getting back to the basics in selling with one added caveat - sell better.

Activate Selling As a Cause of Good. 

Newsletters are hot right now. Longevity does not depend on the mode of transit - today it's snail mail, and tomorrow it is projected 3D holograms.

Content is the Plastics of the Aquarian Age of Business.

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