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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Numbers Up, Volumes Down, and A3 or A4, "Just. Doesn't. Matter."

Do dealers exagerate?  Hell yeah, we all do, every single day about every single thing to every single person we meet.

Over the past 5 months, I've heard more and more positive feedback about sales than I have in the past 36 months.  

The first inkling was tales of customers initiating leases without expecting delivery for 120 days.  When was the last time a customer would willingly wait more than 30 days for their device?

Heard in the back alleys and sidebars of the industry:
  • "We are selling things.  Lots of things."
  • "Things aren't as bad as we thought they were going to be."
  • "I've made quota every single month..."
  • "This is the best November we've had, ever..."

It's going to be easy to challenge the above statement, I can hear it now:

  • "Volumes are still falling."
  • "Dealers lie about their sales."
  • "A3 is more important than A4."
  • "Managed print services is a fool's errand."
  • "The OEMs are leading us down the wrong path."

I repeat what I've been told, certain there are mumblings of how this can't be true. The fear-mongers and bullies of the industry regurgitate, how "...we are all doomed, there is no way out and our industry is being led by ignorant, out-of-touch corporations only interested in money". Okay, I might go with that one but if TheFearOfCovid has shown us, out-of-touch leadership does not singularly reside in the copier industry, does it?


Things are never returning to 'normal' - in fact, things are always going to be 'Abby Normal'.  And that's okay.

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