Sunday, August 29, 2010

tDOTC Managed Print Services PowerPlayer of the Week, Month or Year...

It's not the upper right quadrant.

Nor is it a distinction hashed out between the twelve members of the MPS StarChamber.(if there were such a thing, which there isn't)

Nobody mentioned will advertise on DOTC. No PowerPlayer will sponsor studies with DOTC.

It is an idea born out of cool contemplation; Sunday morning reflection.

The recipients will by be of my choosing - my judgement alone, my opinion, my calculations, and my view of how they either determine or voyage along, the MPS Path.

Good or Bad, Positive or Negative, a DOTC PowerPlayer may effect for good, or impact from evil.

I'll call em out, and serve em up - with Sprinkles.

This week - Robert Newry, co-Founder at newField IT.

Assessments -

During a recent MPSA webinar, Assessments, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Robert presented advanced concepts regarding Print Assessments and MPS Engagement Design.

Without stealing his content or his thunder, four of eight bullet points on one particular slide struck me.

-User Interviews
-IT Review
-Print Policy*
-Business Case

"Print Policy" -

The assessment deliverable is NOT a sales precentation, it is the presentation of a business case.

And one of the steps to getting to a business case, is a "Print Policy".

The reason I like this step so much is simple - once YOU define or propose a print policy, based on your superb analytical skills and your assessment findings, you pretty much set the table, and shape the battlefield.

Once this is established, moving to a business case and then ultimately an MPS Engagement Proposal, is natural.

There was a time when DOTC mocked the existing assessment processes - that was a year or so ago. Yes, there is still plenty to redicule - especially the "automatic proposal generators", don't get me started.

So not only does Robert "get" the correct postioning of the assessment, he understands the correct compenents of a worthy MPS endovour.

Also, his product, AssetDB is one nifty application of technology impacting our assessment process.

From static mapping to dynamic variable studies, on a tablet, or an iPad(coming) the application is cool.

So, this week the MPS PowerPlayer is Robert Newry of NewField IT, for what it's worth, congrats from all of us here at DOTC.

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  1. Greg - I am honoured to receive your Power Player of the week award. I had a lot of good feedback from the Webinar but there is still much to learn for all us (me included!). All of us at NewField IT continue to reference DOTC for insights, not only on MPS but on new uses of sprinkles ;). Robert

  2. I also have been a long time supporter of NewField's great assessment perspectives. I remember the first time I ever saw AssetDB at a conference, and I ran off to my hotel room and wept. IF ONLY I'd had that 5 years ago! If any of you have seen Robert's photo of a printer inventory mobile, mine wasn't that bad...but still...I want to do another enterprise deployment of MPS just so I can use AssetDB! Heck, I'll work pro-bono for an assessment for ya Robert if you pay for my trip to UK! :O