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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

HP Does Disney: Managed Print Services Program reduces the number of devices by 59%

But Wait. How many of us will get the chance to land an account the size of Disney?

You may ask, "Why does something big HP does, have anything to do with me, the small, independent MPS provider?"

And you may ask yourself, " can I possibly provide all the services HP can?"

You may ask yourself, how do I work this?

You may ask yourself, where does this highway lead to?

You may ask yourself, am I right, am I wrong?

You may ask yourself, my god, what have I done?

The answer, "Same as it ever was..."

Ok, for the record, I love mother HP - cut me and I bleed HP's true.

But the MPS world is bigger than HP(gasp!) and my practice doesn't have the breadth or firepower an "Enterprise" approach from any OEM can bring to bear.

Of course, you and I can out maneuver, out run and fly circles around ANY Enterprise Class cruiser.

And I know I can pack a pretty Defiant punch, directed with quantum-phaser-like accuracy.

But the point here is, with all the press releases about global MPS programs, enterprise level engagements, and phantom copiers, can the independent dealer, wait can the in the field, on the street, MPS Selling Professional take advantage of these gargantuan projects?

Let's take a look, shall we?

Directly from the HP/Disney slick -



Implement a new approach to managing print needs that would align with environmental citizenship goals


Disney worked with HP to develop its Document Output Management Program using HP Managed Print Services


• Consolidated monthly usage reports enabling management analysis

• Automated toner ordering based on alerts from HP Web Jetadmin software

• 59% reduction in the number of devices

• A single source for invoicing and on-site service


• Reductions of more than 18% in energy usage

• Pages printed reduced 1.5 million sheets per month on average from duplexing

• Energy CO2 emissions reduction an estimated 407,000 lbs over 36 months

• Paper CO2 emissions reduction projected at more than 500,000 lbs over 36 months from duplexing

• 100% recycling of toner cartridges through HP Planet Partners recycling program


Ok - so beyond the scale, can you see anything up there that you CAN NOT address? Everything HP is doing for Disney, can be done for the 100-1,000 device MPS Engagement, right?

This 59% hardware reduction may be difficult to match. But how about 30% or even 10%? Either would be great.

This 59% figure has me a bit vexed - not the actual number, I believe there was 59% over capacity.

My question is, how in the heck did the previous print vendor allow Disney to get so upside-down in output hardware?

Makes you think, don't it?

And if you look at the "green" impact, sure the lbs and such look impressive, but couldn't you do the same for a smaller opportunity?

Yes, yes you can.

We all know that at the Enterprise level, MPS really is a marketing effort - because HP(just like Ricoh, Xerox, Konica, Canon, etc.) still have plants back east, far east, churning out copiers.

And every, single machine that comes out of the plant has got to be sold.

Whether under an MPS engagement, RFP response, or below cost - it doesn't matter - that's the name of the game, so far.

Move the box, sell a CPI, and call it MPS.

It is my opinion, that if you were to pull the covers off of most "MPS" engagements, one would find a simple, CPC contract.

Finding "phantom" devices, or reducing hardware by 45+% is not a bragging right, if you are the vendor who installed those phantoms or over sold the devices in the first place.

So here's my point: With every huge account and gobal MPS install, there is a great deal to be learned and utilized - even in the SMB.

Analyze and learn...same as it ever was...

Check out the HP marketing slick, here.

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