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Monday, August 16, 2010

Are You Selling Managed Print Services: One Print Solutions

August, 2010.

Over the past year, I have reviewed just about every MPS program out here - either for my own little practice or for articles and organizations.

I have seen them all.

Some are better, but all are good.

The one common theme I keep running into is this: we are all making this up as we go.

There are no standard processes, no benchmarks and no matter what any training or consultation firm tells you, we have never done this before, this is all new and there are no clear cut leaders.

No proven methods, only suggestions.

There is no easy way, or well defined proven path to MPS nirvana - yet.

Dynamic times like these are uncommon and we who are in them are lucky to be here, in this time. You see, there is no spoon, there are no rules...we can make them up.

Now, more than ever, we can determine our destiny.

Speaking of dynamic times, have you noticed all the Self Help programs coming out lately? Have you seen the late night commercials pitching, get rich quick, "like me" schemes.

Seen all those Scientology ads? And those new Amway Global commercials?

How about the reprise of one of the greatest motivators ever, Tony Robbins?

He's got his own show now!

Tony's good. But when it gets right down to it, everything is up to you and always has been.

Check this out, I met this guy, Gary a bit back. Now I had heard of Gary before he reached out to me, so I knew he had some sorta wiz-bang thing in MPS.

A "new" program. Yeah, right...they're all new.

What impressed me was the "every MPS Sales Person a Tiger" mentality inherent in his system.

In a nutshell, Gary can provide all the infrastructure a typical, MPS practice needs - more accurately, all the infrastructure an atypical MPS Selling Individual requires.

Think about that for a second.

Do you hate training the newest sales manager?

Has your MPS compensation plan structure changed over the past 8 months?

Do you still hear the old argument "MPS is just like color was..." knowing that it isn't?

How are all those MPS training classes working?

If you are in the trenches, you're doing assessments, cold calling, working leases up, perhaps calling in some EDM specialists (each one adds 30 days to your cycle), managing your funnel, AND meeting a hardware quota - is that really MPS? Should a hardware quota REALLY be part of an MPS compensation plan? Really?

And what of the mythical 50% GP on MPS engagements? The dealership is not getting 50% on hardware, the dealership still has the same amount of service technicians, meter reads and invoices going out each month.

Why should your MPS profit margin CARRY the lower margin equipment sales?

For the back-end rebates?

The One Print Solution offers up all the backroom infrastructure.

It is scalable and the system is designed to work with selling professionals who can pull MPS engagements together - all the sales, analysis and presentation - and shift the support to a third party. Splitting the profit.

No inventory
No service overhead
No admin overhead
No H/R

Here is just a taste of the services provided:

Sales Tools & Training

-Comprehensive Training Program
-Sales Leadership and Mentoring
-Formulated and Branded Marketing materials
-Deal Crafting Services
-Blending and Deal Scenario Tools
-Great America Leasing
-All Deal Docs


-Contract management
-Creation and document package review
-Monthly base and Overage billing
-Device Administration
-Leasing Documentation, Approval and Administration
-Accounts Receivable and Cash management/Funding
-Vendor and Accounts Payable Management
-Full Account Management
-All other activities as solution requires/Full Back end Support

Do not get me wrong - this NOT for everybody.

This is a very big step and all angles must be considered.

Go on over to the site and look for some more information here on DOTC.

Update, 2016.

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