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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is there Such a Thing as a Managed Print Services Purist?

What do you take with your coffee?

Personally, I take it bold, black and beautiful - Pure.

I only put ice in my double Jack to be polite; no reason to make the barkeep shuffle back and forth.  They frown every time I tell them to "leave the bottle".

The question is, what is an MPS Purist?

In my world, MPS Geekdom, I can't go to a bank, or the doctor without being able to recognize the sound of a Lexmark vs. HP laser device.

In two minutes, I can tell how many copiers, printers, faxes and the approximate monthly spend my dentist incurs.

In seven seconds, I can tell you if this IT guy across the table is a player, a WoW dweeb, or somebody we can partner with.

I think I don't do SOW's, but I'll be damned if my meeting agendas don't resemble SOW's.

I never deal in "contracts", I work within an agreement.

My goal is to reduce costs. Period.

If this means I "capture" clicks from a competitor, so be it.

Albeit, temporarily, as my ultimate goal is to reduce costs for my client, by reducing the number of prints.

Are these examples of a Purist? An MPS Purist no less?

Or just arrogance? Perhaps...then again.

One of my football coaches would tell us, "it ain't braggin, if it is true..."

'MPS Purity' is defined by intent as much as it is by infrastructure and the selling process.

Do you believe MPS is a sea change or a marketing point?

The Managed Print Services Purity Society(LinkedIn) is not an exclusive club. I contend that if you are reading this, you are in the club, your in.

Today, even with the definition of MPS finally settled, the battle for its soul rages - if you are the "MPS Specialist" or the "MPS Director" or anything else with "MPS" in your title, you are in the trenches of this conflict.


You have a bull's eye on your back to go along with the one on your chest.

Interestingly enough, your prospects are probably more positive about MPS than your own, internal, management as the pressure to succeed, profitably, is really on.(wow)

Being a Purist, does not equate to working for charity.

When its all said and done, we are all here to make money.

Money to keep the lights on, pay our techs, and support your organization's strategic goals.

In the end, if we can maintain "high MPS intent", reduce our clients' costs AND make money, all the better -or should I say, "..making money is the only reason we do what we do..."

There is nothing wrong with this.

Profit is at our core and always has been.

Recognizing and living this does not dilute, it further defines MPS Purity.

Pura Vida!

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