Friday, July 29, 2011

MpS: From Infrastructure to Customer Facing - Behavior Modification - BeMod


Here we are, the Neutral Zone, the Frontier, the Edge, the Next Thing in MpS, on our way to MS; to Wolf 359 or into the Nexus.

Three years ago, software like PrintAudit, FMAudit, PrintFleet, and even the most expensive 'free' software you will ever own, WebJet Admin, were the cat's meow.

We assessed everything we could see, solving the problems our industry created and nurtured for decades.  It was like hunting big game, with a TriCorder.

DCA's, servers, pie charts, security concerns, volume and fleet analysis, proactive service and desk side toner delivery, automated meter reads, remote monitoring and Quarterly Reviews were all considered "new and innovative".

And then, suddenly, we all had a DCA:  copier dudettes, VARs, office furniture salespeople, the OEMs, STAPLES, etc. - Hell, who DOESN'T sell MpS?

Today, all those super-duper, whiz bang, features are table-stakes; either you got them, or you're a provider of little substance.

For those of us who do, now what?

It's getting crowded in here and we're all starting to sound the same.  How can we temporarily separate from the pack and keep our eye to the future?

What's next?  Stage 3?  Really?  EDM packages like Documentum?  Half of us just today learned how to spell "MpS and now we need to understand Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)?

How about our run of the mill BTA guy, who finally figured out how to bill for Lexmark, HP, Brother, MICR, Oki, both connected and local, color and black/white, coverage from 3% to 80% - profitably?

Is the next stop Business Process Management -head to head with IBM or EDS?  Me thinks not.

The answer?  "One word kid, BeMod...BeMod" - is that even a word...??

I've been evaluating Behavior Modification software from the very beginning.  I'm even certified Equitrac and Pharos - through HP, which means I sat through a two day training session in Utah.


The other day, I chatted with a buddy of mine, Scott Hornbuckle, over at Photizo. We talked about MpS software tools study, all very interesting to we who travel the MpS ecosystem.

Scott shared with me his recent study into the wonderful and exciting world of Rules Based Printing; The stuff Mps/Copier/Output Geeks drool over...

But, what hit me was the realization that I am not alone in my belief that BeMod could be bridge to S3 - or maybe,even, a jump into S4.

The data collected is converted into actionable knowledge.  BeMod software is a combination of infrastructure(like what you already have in PrintFleet, etc.) and application, more infrastructure, but at a higher level.

To implement BeMod, we don't need a staff of software/EDM Geeks, sorry, I mean "Content Specialists".  We aren't required to invite these folks into our client meetings, worry about 600 page SOW's, twelve page MSA's or injecting another 30 days into the cycle for every PS person on the Team.

Get beyond the print, step away from the 'document' and look to the people, the users.

Let's lead the optimization of people, not machines.

MpS reflects the shift in control from the OEM to the independent reseller which in turn is mirroring the universal move from centrally controlled dissemination of information(top down) to a more peer-to-peer distribution of information; uncontrolled and filtered by us, not Them.

The more we enhance our visibility into how all content is moving, the easier it is to guide our clients through the maze - and receive value.

But the Maze isn't just their Fleet of devices, work-flow, and processes - its bigger.  

It always has been.  Content. BeMod.

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