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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Bullies Pick On Who They Perceive as Defensless -

Hello Echo Chamber. 

There are those who criticize without offering a better way. They couch hollow intelligence in sage advice. 

There have always been flim-flam men - grifters. But the best con-men are smooth, disarming, and possess a degree of congeniality. 

Artful persuasion sometimes includes satire. 

Unfortunately, when wielded by small, petty bit-players, satire comes across as sarcasm, persuasion as bullying. I enjoy a good scheme as much as anyone - and especially like pointing out the naked emperors in the niche, industry, world, and Universe. 
Hat-tip to the ones who can pull off a good scam, without coming across as blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing fellow. For those elbowing their way to the adult table - we don't feel sorry for you, we pity your real victims; those who follow you. 

Way to go, Barnum.

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