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Friday, July 15, 2022

Week 11 - Amazon Robots, Coffee & Gaming

Walt's Spin

Slow week as the country roasts in the weather, inflation soars, gasoline prices pushing six bucks a gallon and it is still difficult to find good help.

Amazon is hiring new robots. We've covered this in the past - unionization and lack of labor are pressuring all labor-based businesses to consider alternatives to humans. Unions are experiencing a temporary bump bringing robotic workforces into the spotlight and on the shop floor.

Many workers who once decorated their space at HQ, have experienced the wonders of working from the spare room or remodeled basement. But they have also discovered a world outside the living room - coffee houses.

For years, these caffeinated watering holes have catered to digital nomads with free wi-fi and space behind doors. One company in Australia is raising the bar and offering to utilize empty hotel lobbies as a comfortable, wide space option for the corner bedroom. I can see the day when companies own coffee shops, host hotspots in swanky hotel lobbies, and sponsor 'Work From Any Ocean' cruises. Mark my words.

Considering the layoffs at places like Netflix and Yelp, and the momentum of #WFH, this could be the best idea since WeWork.

Are you still telling prospects you can save 30% in print costs? Stop it. Just stop saying that to prospects and elevate your professionalism.

Be like Tigerpaw. The first Leading Influencer in the DOTPE, inside the Infrastructure Influence, is Tigerpaw 1. ECi and Forza are included as Influencers yet after careful 21-point analysis, Tigerpaw 1 carries the day.

Like you, I am looking forward to the five-planet conjunction and a better way of providing on-site service in the work from anywhere world with fewer technicians. Oh, and why is my hair so gray? Scroll down to the quick clicks.

And this just in, the SCOTUS just overturned Woe v. Wade - it could be a long hot summer.

Enjoy the weekend!


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