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Thursday, March 16, 2023

The New Era of Trust: Embracing Change, AI, and Authentic Leadership

Official Government Report Claims There May Be "Alien Mothership" Inside Solar System
Bridging Trust and Tech: Laughing Our Way into the Future of Work.

This had to be written.

UFOs are real and masks work.
UFOs are real and the laptop wasn't.
UFOs are real and the press is freedom.
UFOs are real and the FBI is not politically motivated.

Yeah, right..." UFOs are real, and there is a mother ship is in our solar system, tinkering with one of our space probes." the report says.

For those of us with perspective; the luxury of time, we look at this and scratch our heads.  We grew up in a time when UFOs were weather balloons or mass hysteria and The X-Files was a science FICTION series.

But then 2020 hit.  

A global fear took hold like never before.  Police and law enforcement were revealed, in some cases to be the enemy.  We called riots, "peaceful protests" and a citizen assembly an insurrection.  

The fear of Covid forced us out of offices, skyscrapers, and boardrooms. Our happiness increased. Productivity increased. This new way of work illuminated old processes and structures false,  untrustworthy, and backward.  

Roll in the current and not-too-distant future wave of AI and we've got a double whammy of threats for not only established hierarchies of an aged past but for every business function from accounts payable clerks to every single C-Level. 

SEO, Google searches, spreadsheets, and old management tactics are a thing of the past.

That's right, spreadsheets, word processors, and search engines are to be decommissioned.  Courtesy of the New Way and Artificial intelligence.

What does this have to do with wandering, space-bound motherships?  Nothing.  Everything.  For decades we believed the institutions.  When we sensed a bit of corruption, we believed the FBI.  We believed Peter Jennings and CNN.  When all things indicated the pandemic originated in a city in China, those who said so were labeled.  

We were told, and lived by the mantra of "get into the office early, leave late, let people see you at your desk and in 20 years, you'll have all you want..."

We all did. And they were all wrong.  

Today, 'corporate leaders' tell us to 'get back into the office, for culture and collaboration'.  Politicians and media pundits exclaim, "It's time to get out of your pajamas and back to work." and everybody is clamoring "unregulate artificial intelligence will spread misinformation..."

But today, more people ask, "Why should we trust you with our future when you lied to us about the past?"

"Why should we trust you today, when you told us the FBI didn't tell Twitter what to say and who to ban?"

"We experienced a happier life, while productivity and company revenue increased, so why should we trust you when you say we didn't?"

Don't believe them when they say getting back to a cubicle is a good idea.  They are lying and saving their job - when everyone is working out of sight, why do we need managers?

When ChatGPT v15.5 can analyze our financials, measure real-world events like Wars, interest rates, and supply channel issues, and make solid recommendations based on hundreds of years of experience and millions of KPIs, 


The New Era of Trust calls for a collective effort to create a more transparent, inclusive, and adaptable world. By embracing change, leveraging AI responsibly, and fostering authentic leadership, we can pave the way for a brighter future. 


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Image Prompt: A diverse group of professionals collaborating in an office setting, with a mix of in-person and remote workers, and AI-powered tools displayed on screens.

Song Recommendation: "Changes" by David Bowie

Intro Paragraph (LinkedIn Post): As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology, work, and society, trust in institutions and leadership is more crucial than ever. In this New Era of Trust, we must embrace change, artificial intelligence, and authentic leadership to build a future that benefits everyone. Join me as I discuss the importance of transparency, open dialogue, and collaborative decision-making in shaping our professional and personal lives.

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