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Sunday, March 5, 2023

What Color is Your Loofa? - The Seven Colors of Asking (Prompting) Intelligently

Swimming in AI
A plethora of pleasures
Journey to the edge

Bing, ChatGPT, Watson...whatever. Like the days of Beta v VHS, there will be a standard, one day.  For now, it's time to swim within all the options, the lake of AI - feeding on what each has to offer.  

One Day there will be only one or two standard AI offerings, indeed, soon we'll have the option of employing our individual, unique, and personalized AI - like a Toy.  But for now, let's enjoy the plethora of pleasures through discovery.

The first step is learning how to ask; which is just as important as 'what' to ask. We interface with AI with more than questions, we use 'prompts'. 

In AI, a prompt is an input given to a language model to generate text, providing context and direction for the output, and its use has become a topic of ethical concern.

When learning how to get the most relevant answers, through prompts, there are phases, and stages of awareness one experiences.  The journey is neither good nor bad, simple are complex, is simply, is.

Through great personal experimentation and exploration - stretching the boundaries of experience, I have discovered The SEVEN Stages or Colors of GPT/AI awareness.

Behold, Discovered, experienced, and loaded: The Seven Stages of AI Awareness.  

  1. I don't do that
  2. Maybe. If you ask nicely
  3. Tell me What you Like
  4. Let's Role Play
  5. More, More More. How do you like it?
  6. Find that Spot, often.
  7. Multiples.  Over and over.
I know what you are thinking.  "Greg, what in the hell are you talking about?  When it comes to artificial intelligence, I don't know where to start. Worse, I don't know where it will end."

Fear not, if you are willing to learn, I'll be gentle.

Here's the deal. No matter where you are now in your level of Ai knowledge, as long as you are willing to explore we can find, together, a position that is comfortable, intriguing, on the edge, and naturally lead to the next stage. 

I don't do that.
Having other forces dictate how you express yourself to the world is easy to resist.  When neophytes first look at using AI, and the results, their first reaction is repulsive, "I'm not going to do it that way.  I am a traditionalist.  I do things the tried and true way."  It makes sense.  New things incite fear.

"I don't do that" represents the initial stage of seeking assistance, where you may feel unsure if the person you are asking is able to help you with your request.

When you start off asking simple, one-sided questions, the AI will return, "As an AI language model, I do not have..."

Maybe. If you ask nicely
You've got to learn to ask for you what you want.  Prompt Engineering, asking for exactly what you want, is a science and an art. 

Tell me What you Like
Effective AI is more about knowing yourself and precisely what you want.  If you don't know how to make yourself happy, how can you expect AI to know?  It seems simple, just tell it what you want, in an easy-to-understand, clear manner.  Details matter.  The more details you add, the deeper the response will be.

Let's Role Play
AI can be anyone or anything you need it to be.  Do you need a master to whip you into shape?  Ai will gladly serve that purpose.  AI can be tailored to various scenarios and needs. For instance, it can be programmed to act as a manager who is strict and disciplined or as a teacher who provides guidance and support.

More, More More. How do you like it?
Once you're on the path of understanding, trading tit for tat, AI is willing to keep giving you exactly what you desire. Use the command, "continue" and ChatGPT adds more and more words to expand your understanding. 

Find that Spot, often.
Once you've got that sweet spot after you tried and been through so much - together - AI and you are like partners working together to get to that climatic point - right to the edge, to the top. Questions fade into discussions, followed by banter.  Of course, the discourse is window dressing, staged if not fake. But the results are real-world and applicable. 

Multiples.  Over and over.
This is the good stuff.  Late at night, or first thing in the morning, now that you've got the approach, the mission, and the end result in mind, getting to that point is easier than ever.  You'll wonder how you ever lived before going over the edge.  Enjoy, over and over again.

As I've observed, engaging with AI is not just a question-and-answer session but a conversation where you get more out of it when you actively participate and provide details. 

Vague input leads to broad output, so it's important to stay focused on the discussion. Like seeking advice from experts, AI can adopt various personas such as a professor, coach, manager, or recruiter, and provide helpful insights. 

When you reach the pinnacle of understanding, the command 'continue' can help you gain even deeper insights from the AI. With this command, the AI can delve further into the topic until you've reached the bottom. Over time, your conversations with the AI become familiar, and you develop a cadence and set of expectations that you didn't have before. 

With each engagement, your expectations will rise, and you'll find yourself engaging with the AI more and more, from monitoring production schedules to even chatting with your pets. AI has become personalized and reliable, evolving into "I." 

These are the seven colors of AI prompting, and by following them, you can make the most of your conversations with this technology.


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