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Monday, March 13, 2023

Wired's Ground Rules for Using Generative AI Tools in Journalism

Wired's Ground Rules for Using Generative AI Tools in Journalism

With all the hullabaloo around ethical AI, AI-generated term papers, news articles, content, and the fear of bias and misinformation, I found the evil desire to have AI write an article about the article, irresistible, irony.

ChatGPT Enhanced content.

Generative AI tools have become popular among journalists in recent times, with some publications trying to use them to generate news stories. Wired magazine, however, has established strict ground rules for its use of generative AI tools to ensure ethical and appropriate circumspection.

The magazine does not publish stories or snippets generated by AI, except when the fact that it's AI-generated is the whole point of the story. Wired recognizes that AI tools are prone to both errors and bias and often produce dull, unoriginal writing. The use of AI tools to create text for publication without disclosure is tantamount to plagiarism.

While Wired may use AI tools to suggest headlines or text for short social media posts, they do not publish text edited by AI, as the editing process requires a judgment of what is most relevant, original, or entertaining about the piece. The use of AI tools in brainstorming story ideas may save time, but limited testing has shown that it can also produce false leads or boring ideas. The real work of evaluating which ideas are worth pursuing can only be done by humans.

Wired does not publish AI-generated images or videos, and the use of AI tools to create such content will only be done with the permission of the artists, and the fact that AI was used will be disclosed. Wired recognizes the potential of AI tools to spark ideas but will require artists to create original images using their normal process, and not merely reproduce what the AI suggested.

While AI tools have their advantages in generating content, Wired believes that someone who writes for a living needs to constantly be thinking about the best way to express complex ideas in their own words. Wired's strict ground rules are in line with its commitment to maintaining journalistic integrity, originality, and accuracy.


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Song: "Mastermind" by Deltron 3030: This hip-hop track celebrates innovation and creativity, while also acknowledging the need for critical thinking and attention to detail, two important traits for journalists and content creators.

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