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Friday, March 3, 2023

The Singularity of Remote Work: The End Of Generation Gaps

When boomers and zoomers unite over Zoom, you know the Singularity is here.

The fear of Covid, remote work, and artificial intelligence is destroying the Generation Gap.  

We are the Last Generation.  No really, it is. Hear me out.
  1. The fear of Covid affected the entire Globe, regardless of age.
  2. Remote work helped us realize what's important, regardless of age.
  3. ChatGPT(AI) is a linguistic program that is changing the way everything gets done, regardless of age.
I do not like defining individuals as a 'generation'.  The new work environment promotes more deliverables, and less judgment on the adherence to a process - regardless of color, age, or gender.  Interesting, right?

For the first time in history, we have Five generations of labor:

The Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z bring different mindsets and expectations to the office. 
  • Boomers are set in their ways and afraid of new technologies
  • Gen-X couldn’t care less about what people think about them
  • Millennials want a trophy for everything they do and 
  • Gen-Z aspires to be TikTok influencers. 
This is a unique, historical time when all things are converging - call it not a singularity, call it The Singularity.  Technology and biology are combining, and work models shifting from centralized hierarchies to flat, distributed organizational structures.  

At the tactical level, employees have shifted priorities from the rat race to simply enjoying a cup of coffee and reviewing work, on the laptop, in front of the TV, at 10:25 P.M.  Many, if not a majority, question the meaning of 'loyalty' after recognizing the one-way meaning corporations demand.

CxOs realize that spreadsheet analysis, and report generation, once a toiling activity before getting to use their brain on strategic direction, are no more.  We now know we were judged on adherence to the process and not the outputs of our work - the hypocrisies like hiring based on who you know not what, decisions made in an effort to cover one's ass instead of increasing personal and corporate value.

Most intriguing is the rise of sublevel angst against the system coming from once very loyal employees - we finally understand that fresh coffee, cold beer, company picnics, Christmas parties and cube decorating contests are just cheap ways to buy loyalty.  And it worked, but not anymore.

Here's the underlying support structure - it isn't just the 'Boomers or Zoomers, Millenials, or Xs that understand - it is all demographics waking up to the great manipulation of past decades.

Work is not life.

In today's world, work is just one aspect of life. 

People want to achieve a work-life balance, and the pandemic has only emphasized the importance of family and health. Remote work has enabled people to prioritize their personal lives while still being productive. The emergence of this new way of working is enabling individuals from various generations to identify shared interests, values, and goals, as they work in a more cohesive and collaborative manner.

The fear of Covid has also brought people together. 

The pandemic has affected everyone, regardless of age or social status. The virus has forced people to unite for a common cause, and this sense of shared experience has created a sense of community that transcends generational differences. The pandemic has also highlighted the importance of science and technology, bringing the different age groups closer as we shared a common goal of defeating the virus.

The rise of artificial intelligence is also breaking down the generation gap.

 AI has transformed the way we work, and it's changing the nature of work itself. AI can perform repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing up time for more creative and strategic work no matter what the function or "born on date" of the operator.

The rise of AI is forcing us to question our assumptions about work and what it means to be productive. The old metrics of success, such as hours worked or lines of code written, are no longer relevant. Instead, we are focused on outcomes and the value we create. As a result of this change, individuals from all age groups are collaborating more closely toward a shared objective of generating value for their respective organizations.

The fear of Covid, remote work, and artificial intelligence are destroying the generation gap. 

To sum it up:

The fear of Covid has forced people from different generations to come together and find new ways of working, connecting, and communicating with one another. This shared experience has helped to break down the barriers that often separate different age groups, and has created a greater sense of empathy and understanding between individuals. 

Similarly, remote work has enabled people to focus on outcomes rather than processes, which has led to a greater appreciation of individual contributions and a more meritocratic work environment. 

Artificial intelligence is also playing a role in bridging the generation gap by enabling people from different age groups to collaborate and work together in new and innovative ways. By automating routine tasks and freeing up time for more creative and strategic work, AI is helping to create a more level playing field where people can contribute their skills and expertise regardless of their age or background. These three factors are breaking down the generation gap and creating a more inclusive and collaborative work environment for all.

 The Singularity is here, and it's bringing people together in ways we never thought possible.


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