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Monday, December 11, 2023

2014: Social Media in the Enterprise, The Cloud & The Home as an Incubator

Was I wrong?

Well, well.  Back in 2014,

"...The steady drumbeat of innovation building up to today’s new world of work made it inevitable that a grassroots movement would figure out how to adapt these technologies to power businesses – and in response, many new businesses have been created because of it. It’s turned business models on their heads, as “social influencers” become recognized voices of authority even before well-established journalists, forcing the c-suite to take notice and shift marketing budgets..."


"THE HOME AS AN INCUBATOR...the new world of work means that many technologies are developed and adopted in homes before becoming an indispensable part of how business is conducted in the office..."


So What?!

Today, I believe Ai is the greatest transformation tool since the discovery of fire.  Today, I see the crumbling of skyscrapers and the obliteration of the C-Suite.  Today, I see the selling process totally automated as PurchasingAi works with SellingAi, without human emotion or overwatch. Today, I see no more silos, no more gatekeepers of knowledge, no more generation gaps.

Today, the world is closer "Star Trek" TOS than "The Terminator".

The Piscean to the Aquarian Convergence of the fear of Covid, work from anywhere, Ai, quantum computing to carbon based, analog computing - will unleash more creativity than imaginable.

We'll explore new lands and find colors never before seen.  

what will the next nine years bring?

Inspiration, from  the DOTC blog dated, Friday, December 26, 2014, "How the New World of Work is Innovating through Representation", here.

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