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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Expeditionary Ai

What came before skyscrapers, cities, and villages? 


Before them, Pioneers.

And before all of them, The Explorers (hat tip to West).  The Crazy Ones seeking funding, believing the world was different than the current narrative, without charts, KPIs, or benchmarks.

Sure, committees stacked with academics and business folks attempted to corral and regulate every excursion, attempting to either exact profit or spread the word of God.

The great explorers played the game, securing funds, ships, and crews, only to break out over the horizon, beyond the eyes and control of the establishment; away from stifling hierarchies and dogma.

You are the Magellan, de Gama, Cabot, Cook, Drake, and Pizarro of the time; This New World lies between our ears.

And you owe it to the next generations of Pioneers and Settlers to boldly go.  To blaze trails that become roads, highways and flightpaths for your kids children to travel to unimaginable places.

Fight the norms.  

Rebel against the group-think.  

Go your Own Way. 

See the Whole of the Moon.

AI ἀναρχία

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